Two ways to go...

Prefabricated houses

We deliver houses and building solutions in a standard prefabricated manner from our factory in Sweden. Housing components are produced in our factory and transported to the construction site, based on specific requirements. We deliver world wide - shipping within 30 days.

We provide the following:

  • Any type of house
  • Any type of wall and roof thickness
  • Passive house models
  • Acustic house models
  • Hurricane impact protection
  • Electric currency protection models (Faradays cage)
  • Assistance for technical solutions
  • Architect guidance

A Harcon local production partnership

We offer a turn-key solution to a local partner who wants to release a local building or housing potential by using our concept. In partnership with Harcon set up a local production unit of Harcon elements and providing buildings and houses for the local market.

We provide the following:

  • A mobile factory with a potential of producing approximately 5000 housing units per year (50 m2)
  • A factory building and storage solution
  • Training of personnel for operating the factory and assembly of houses
  • Support for construction drawing and production planning
  • Regular maintenance and support of factory equipment
  • Delivery of key components for the assembly of houses
  • Access to new building solutions developed by Harcon

We agree on a specific partnership solution for establishing the Harcon concept on each individual market.